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what is the fastest cache wordpress

What is the Fastest Cache Plugin WordPress

So you finished your website got it completely done and then someone told you about speed test for websites. So you run a speed test and you website is loading so slow that it feels like the internet of the 90s. How do you fix a slow moving website, with

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How to disable WordPress comments

So if you have used WordPress then you likely know that pages and posts give you the option to have comments. Some people love comments and others think they are the bane of their existence by managing them. In this article we will talk about turning off your comments on

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How to create a landing page with Elementor

How to create a Landing page with Elementor

So you have the free version of Elementor and now you are wondering how you will create a landing page. In this tutorial you will discover how to create a simple landing page that draws visitors into your website. How to create a landing page with Element? First make sure you

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Acabado Review

Anyone who is watching the affiliate marketing spaces probably knows that new themes come out all the time that say they will help you, well Acabado is an affiliate marketing theme but does it work? How good is Acabado? Acabado has a bunch of features baked in to help with affiliate

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Web design

15 Website Design Tips that Anyone can do

So you are tinkering to create your own website but you don’t want it to look like someone with no skills created it. Well, grab your pen and notepad and let’s walk you through 15 website design tips that anyone can do, yes really anyone. Web design doesn’t have to be

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Web design

What is a web host

If you are building your very first website, you might be a little lost understanding what web hosting is or how it works.  In this article we will discuss some facts about web hosting and what to look for in a good web host. What is a web host? A

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Is WordPress a CMS

So you probably started researching information about what WordPress is or has become. If you are not sure what a CMS is, then we will explain it to you and explain how to use it correctly. Is WordPress a CMS? CMS stands for a content management system and while WordPress

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WordPress page builder vs theme

WordPress Page Builder vs Theme

So you have all these options at your fingers that you can use but do you pay for a high-priced theme or do you buy a page builder and build your own? The answer is not a simple one but I can help you decode more complex questions. WordPress page builder

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Installing SSL Certificate in WordPress

When you start off in the world of the internet you find that some websites have a little padlock and others give a warning. If you have a website, you might be curious how to get a little padlock which shows that your website is secure. Installing SSL Certificate in

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Ultimate Guide to WordPress Sticky Post

Have you ever been in WordPress and wondered how you can force a post to the top of your WordPress post list? Had trouble finding an answer that gave you the entire picture? What is a WordPress Sticky Post? A WordPress sticky post is a post that the user enables

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