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Installing SSL Certificate in WordPress

When you start off in the world of the internet you find that some websites have a little padlock and others give a warning. If you have a website, you might be curious how to get a little padlock which shows that your website is secure. Installing SSL Certificate in

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Ultimate Guide to WordPress Sticky Post

Have you ever been in WordPress and wondered how you can force a post to the top of your WordPress post list? Had trouble finding an answer that gave you the entire picture? What is a WordPress Sticky Post? A WordPress sticky post is a post that the user enables

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Oxygen Builder vs Brizy

So you have some money from Christmas or maybe you just need to pick a builder. Elementors pricing is probably not for you so you want something with a lifetime license. You do your research and come across Oxygen and Brizy. If you are considering either of these page builder,

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Is Divi Slow?

So you are thinking about buying a copy of Divi by Elegant Themes but you want to know, I keep reading that it is slow. If you are questioning buying Divi, let’s take an in-depth look and discover the truth. Is Divi Slow? Divi builder with no caching plugins or

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How to add a favicon to WordPress site

When you first start a building a website you are likely to want to include a small micro picture of your website which can be used for branding. But if you are brand new or even wondering what a favicon is, then continue reading to learn more. How to add a

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WordPress gutenberg blocks

WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

Anyone who has just started using WordPress or is new to Gutenberg will find that there is a lack of detail for the blocks of Gutenberg. If you are new to web design or WordPress, Gutenberg might confuse you. In this article we will discuss Gutenberg blocks and how they

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does WordPress pay you for blogging

Does WordPress pay you for Blogging?

When you first build a website you maybe a bit confused about how to take payments or make money with WordPress. If you are a beginner, it may shock you to learn that WordPress does not pay you directly. Does WordPress pay you? No, WordPress can make you money through things like

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Does WordPress work on iPad

Does WordPress work on iPad

When you first work with WordPress, you might wonder if it can work with an iPad. I mean can you web design on an iPad; we will spend sometime answering this below. Does WordPress work on iPad? WordPress has an app on the IOS store but this app that you can

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WordPress Gutenberg vs Elementor

When you are first building, your first website or even just websites for clients you might be curious about when you should use something like Gutenberg or when you should use Elementor. In this article we will discuss what the differences are and why pick one over the other. WordPress

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