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web design vs print design

Web Design vs Print Design

So you have tried to understand what is the difference between web design vs print design. They have many things that they share between them, but they’re a key difference in both medias. Web design vs Print design? Web design is creating websites, and applications that are specifically created for

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how web design affects seo
Web design

How Web Design affects SEO

So you have developed a website and really diving into building it and then you are hit by SEO. For someone who is brand new to web design, they may be very confused by what SEO is and how web design affects it. How web design affects SEO? Good SEO requires

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WordPress theme editor not showing changes

WordPress theme editor changes not showing

So you are inside of WordPress and you notice that you changes are not showing up on your page builder or inside of WordPress itself. There are a few different reasons someone might run into this problem. WordPress theme editor changes not showing? This can be caused from many things, but

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why wordpress is better than shopify

Why WordPress is better than Shopify

So you are building an ecommerce store and you have heard of WordPress, but you have also heard of Shopify. Which one is the best for ecommerce, stay tuned we are about the solve that mystery. Why WordPress is better than Shopify? Shopify makes a package similar to that of Wix

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how to add a page title to wordpress

How to Hide a Page Title in WordPress

So you have a page that you have a title on it, but you have decided that that title doesn’t need to be shown on the page. Well, you might be shocked to learn that WordPress does not allow you to hide the title. How to hide a page title in WordPress?

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oxygen builder and woocommerce

Oxygen Builder and Woocommerce

So you are thinking about using Oxygen and you want to understand how Woocommerce works with Oxygen Builder. In this tutorial, we will go over all the details of using Oxygen with Woocommerce. For someone who is brand new to web design or WordPress, Woocommerce is a plugin that turns

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what does wordpress use cookies for

What does WordPress use Cookies for

So you have created a website, and you have heard that it’s law to have a cookie policy on your website, but you are wondering, what is a cookie? We will dive into cookies and how they work. What does WordPress use cookies for? WordPress cookies come in three different types:

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how to build a pop-up using Brizy

How to build a pop-up using Brizy

So you have bought a copy of Brizy and maybe you are a little confused by how the pop-ups work.  If you are coming from one of the other page builders, then you know that pop-ups are not universal. Every builder handles these differently and has a different way of

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WordPress without a page builder

WordPress without a Page Builder

If you are wondering how you can use WordPress without a page builder, then in this article we will talk about advantages and disadvantages. We will talk about why someone might want a page builder and why someone might not want a page builder. WordPress without a page builder? WordPress

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what is visual composer
Page Builder

What is visual Composer

When you first look for good themes or plugins, you are likely to run into a page builder that Visual composure.  But you don’t hear too much about it outside of Envato’s theme market, which can confuse you. What is Visual Composer? Visual composer is one of the first page builders

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