Patrick McCoy

Patrick McCoy

Patrick is a web designer with over 20 years experience in websites and design. He spends most of his days writing content and enjoys tinkering with anything web or design related. When he isn't work he is often watching a good movie.

Is WordPress Good for Websites

Is WordPress Good for Websites

I was just like you in the beginning when I was looking for answers related to WordPress. I struggled with simple things and understand how WordPress worked and what it did. Is WordPress good for websites? WordPress powers 35% of…

Web Design vs Print Design

web design vs print design

So you have tried to understand what is the difference between web design vs print design. They have many things that they share between them, but they’re a key difference in both medias. Web design vs Print design? Web design…

How Web Design affects SEO

how web design affects seo

So you have developed a website and really diving into building it and then you are hit by SEO. For someone who is brand new to web design, they may be very confused by what SEO is and how web design…

WordPress theme editor changes not showing

WordPress theme editor not showing changes

So you are inside of WordPress and you notice that you changes are not showing up on your page builder or inside of WordPress itself. There are a few different reasons someone might run into this problem. WordPress theme editor changes…