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Patrick McCoy

Patrick is a web designer with over 20 years experience in websites and design. He spends most of his days writing content and enjoys tinkering with anything web or design related. When he isn't work he is often watching a good movie.

Does WordPress Run on a Mac

Does WordPress run on a Mac

When you first start developing a website, you might want to know about WordPress and if it will work on your computer. I had this same question since I am primarily a Windows users but when I got a Mac;…

What does WordPress cPanel Look Like?

What does WordPress cPanel Look Like

I was once new to web design and understanding the difference between what WordPress admin panel and a cPanel was. In this article, I will help you understand what the cPanel is and what WordPress admin panel is. what does WordPress…

Is WordPress Good for Blogs

Is Wordpress good for blogs

Since they originally built WordPress as a blogging platform it may shock you that the answer is not so simple anymore. Someone who focused on just writing has many options they can choose. Is WordPress Good for Blogs? Yes, it…