A Guide to Brizy Cloud

A Guide to Brizy Cloud

If it interests you in learning more about Brizy Cloud which is an extension service for Brizy page builder, then this is the article for you. We will discuss what Brizy Cloud is and how it works and what situation is the best to use this service with.

If you are new to Brizy and WordPress, you might not understand what they use this service for. To be honest, Brizy cloud is such an unique service that it will take time to explain the power behind what we can use it for. There are so many features that make this exciting the page builder community can overlook it but it’s something to keep on your radar.

So let’s dive into Brizy cloud and learn what this can do for you. As a special note I do own a license to Brizy lifetime deal which I purchased myself, inside are affiliate links to Brizy if you would be interested in purchasing it.

Brizy Cloud powered by Brizy, not WordPress

Here is our video review of the Brizy Cloud review

So if you are familiar with Brizy then you know it’s one of the newest page builders on the market for WordPress. Brizy has built a decent-sized following and while it still has some ways to go, there are a lot of awesome features that make it one to keep track of.

Brizy is a WordPress plugin which allows you to customize your WordPress website by building the site completely using a visual page builder rather than coding it. Brizy Cloud however has nothing to do with WordPress. This standalone service allows you to build landing pages and more, using only Brizy.

Unlike the plugin which requires WordPress this standalone service is independent of WordPress and is an all in one solution. This will make a few people confused as they will want to know, do I need Brizy or Brizy Cloud? First have a Brizy subscription to get access to Brizy Cloud or at least that’s what the information on the website says.

But let’s dive into what Brizy Cloud and then talk about the features behind this service that will make web designers and marketers thrilled. If you are interested in learning more about Brizy we have a full review of the page builder explaining where we think it falls with other page builders.

Brizy Cloud an all one solution


Brizy Cloud uses the page builder technology found in the WordPress plugin but unlike WordPress it is completely its own unique website. That means the service does not use plugins or anything like that to create your pages. It is powered by Brizy and Amazon servers which are some of the best on the web.

You would build a page doing the same things you would do to build a normal Brizy page. Unlike a normal Brizy page once you finished you have different options such as publishing the page or exporting it as HTML. This is where the power of this service really comes to life.

Now you no longer need WordPress so that means no security issues (as far as we know) and the page is hosted directly by Amazon servers which means your data is fast and secure. 

While all of this sounds great let’s pump the breaks on some limitations which will be resolved soon by the Brizy team. You shouldn’t and can’t as of today build a full website with over one page on this service.

But before we go into the details of what limitations you have let’s look at all the things this service can give you.

Fast & Secure Hosting

Included with your subscription to Brizy cloud hosting through Amazon which has many features like load balancing. Brizy is also allowing unlimited storage which is an amazing feature of this service, mostly for marketers.

Anyone who can Google will find out that Amazon servers are hosting some of the biggest websites on the web. This reliability is important for anyone trying to sell something online or just showing clients information on their website. This also comes with a CDN which stands for content delivery network, which is another way of saying it delivers the information from Brizy Cloud to the URL quick.

All of that said, the most important feature listed is the free storage. Unlimited storage is something you see from huge companies and the reason behind that is the cost of storage is low but very few companies want to give you unlimited. 

To a savvy marketer this allows them to create an unlimited number of landing pages. Each of these landing pages might be for something like an info product or just to inform you of an upcoming event. The potential behind this is unlimited and gives your imagination several things you could use this for.

Team members, Collaboration, oh my

So apparently this is featured more towards the web design portion of the audience but we could use it for several additional things. Team members and collaboration allows you to design pages and most likely get or give feedback.

This is a unique feature which means if your client or customer did not need a WordPress website then you could just design them using Brizy Cloud, use their domain service (more on this later) and boom instant feedback. This has always been one area that WordPress has suffered because feedback is not an easy thing to do. 

In fact, it’s such a problem there is several plugins that have tried to solve this issue. So having feedback and team members built into the service is something that really shows Brizy’s attention to detail when building this.

Analytics and Leads


So you say, well great I don’t have WordPress but how do I track without being able to hand code the site? Well Brizy thought of this and integrated analytics and leads. Most likely I expect to see things like Google Analytics which can be inserted several ways.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the system that they use will be something that Brizy builds into the back-end admin for Brizy Cloud but either way this is another great tool for marketers which will allow them to track leads to the page. Anyone who runs a website needs some tracking and Brizy has thought of this.

Custom domains and Sub-domains

So when you first create a website using just the Brizy page builder you will have a domain name that’s not ideal. One thing that Brizy allows you to do is have a custom domain and subdomain which will help mask that the domain is hosted via Brizy cloud.

This expands the options listed above with unlimited storage to give you even more flexibility that could only be described as a true website building tool. Clever web developers will find that this will expand their ability to help clients developer sites quicker than before by allowing something more simple than what WordPress offers.

Multi-page Sites

So we listed above that you are stuck using a one page site so you don’t have a choice. Build either a one page site or landing page. However, Brizy Cloud will have a multi-page functionality coming soon.

Just like we have said above these changes the game completely. Now you could build a website using Brizy page builder but you wouldn’t be limited to just one page. I am interested to see how this will work but I have some ideas which could make this amazing.

What does all this mean for Brizy Cloud?


Brizy Cloud is the first of its type and it’s exciting. The team behind Brizy have a plan and I am not sure that this won’t become another web flow or something else. The possibility for this cloud technology is really limited to the team behind Brizy.

I believe that other page builders would be foolish not to look at this technology because the feedback to Brizy has been nothing short of amazing. Brizy Cloud has the potential to be an alternative way to build websites, and we really didn’t cover some most amazing features such as exporting your design to HTML. 

So bigger page builders such as Elementor or Divi really need to take notice because Brizy has a winner on its hands with Brizy Cloud. A few right features will put this in a league of its own that will force an answer from other page builders once this released.

Not only do members get all of this power but they get all the updates that Brizy has come out with which means it could change the way people build websites by offering yet another solution, the difference is this is a good solution.

Related Questions

When does Brizy Cloud release? I am sure that Brizy Cloud will release as soon as Brizy comes out of its unlimited licensing which is still for sale. Once that happens people will get two years free according to the FAQ and then roughly $3 or $4 per month depending on what the team comes up with.

Why do I need this? You need this because anyone who works with teams or needs something that isn’t WordPress will find that WordPress does not fit every client. Sometimes you need an alternative that gives you enough flexibility while also giving you a decent amount of control and features. Brizy Cloud fits these needs and more and the pricing couldn’t be better.

Brizy still needs more development? Without a doubt it’s the newest page builder on the market. But while you can look at that as a drawback you need to consider that they are including this with the builder which makes it more Divi like. Most page builders just do one thing, they build pages on WordPress. Brizy now does that, allows self hosting, and even exporting to HTML. And the biggest thing is that this is still the tip of the ice burg. 


If this article doesn’t make you excited for Brizy Cloud, then you are probably not the right audience. For everyone else I would recommend you keep Brizy Cloud on your mind for the future.

If this article helped you or you would like to learn more about Brizy or WordPress, please check out our website where we put helpful tutorials. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to post them below.

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