Oxygen Builder vs Brizy

So you have some money from Christmas or maybe you just need to pick a builder. Elementors pricing is probably not for you so you want something with a lifetime license. You do your research and come across Oxygen and Brizy. If you are considering either of these page builder, then this is the article for you.

We take both page builders and put them in a head-to-head competition to see which one is the better page builder today. Get your final answer here and at the very end of the article, it may shock you which page builder is the better one.

So if you want to learn more about either of these page builders then please continue to read on. We have affiliate links included inside of the article and while we make money; we have not been paid by either of these companies. These are our own opinions and we are bringing you our unbiased opinions.

Each one will be ranked from 1 meaning Poor to 5 meaning Excellent. Totals will be tallied at the end of the article and conclusions will be made.

Overview of Oxygen and Brizy


Oxygen and Brizy are the newest members of the page builders are on the market. Both products are still in what some would call a beta stage compared to products like Elementor or Divi which are much more developed. That being said, you find that both do a very good job as page builders but take two different approaches.

If you are someone who struggles to learn code or maybe you have never wanted to learn code, then Brizy will be the page builder you should look at. It requires very little understanding of coding and does so beautifully. Oxygen is for someone who wants more power between their fingertips.

While both programs are over a year old each has grown their community support to a feverous pitch. To not consider these page builders is a problem in the eyes of most people because they are very viable options but let’s take a deeper look and discover which one is the true champion.

Updates and Features of Oxygen and Brizy


Oxygen and Brizy have both suffered for this ranking in my humble opinion. When both programs first came out the updates were lacking to say it best. People coming from something like Divi or Elementor learned that the development cycle for these products didn’t work in the same way that they worked for those bigger page builders.

I would love to say it got better but before that happened things got worse. With Oxygen, we had almost a full year where they had zero updates about the product as the developer revamped the system to make it a better page builder. The original Oxygen builder 1.0 was scrapped, so much so you could not upgrade to 2.0. This created some chaos in the community as a bunch of people raised their pitch forks and claimed Oxygen was a failure, nothing could be further from the truth.

Brizy suffered much of the same, the roadmap had sealed this builders doom long before they ever had a chance. Due dates were falling behind and the next thing you know people wanted to know where the features were? Features would come out broken with very little testing done which then enraged the community.

So I know what you are saying, yeah but how do they work today? Fact is much better but still could use improvement. Brizy and Oxygen now both do very public betas which has helped with finding out the next set of tools coming down the road. Brizy has had some challenges when it comes up updates as information has been coming out but it’s slowing down more. Oxygen has steamed rolled the updates and pushed major milestones out.

Overall, I would give the edge to Oxygen in this battle. Their updates and features are more complete and just more stable than Brizy’s updates. There is something to be said about updates that are fully realized before they come out. An example of these failed updates  would be the Brizy Header Builder. Does Brizy have it? Well kinda, it works on pages built by Brizy but you can’t set conditions which to be fair we are told are coming. 

Still when you compare the two today by today’s standards we can’t focus on what’s coming. Oxygen wins but I expect this will be much closer later on.

Oxygen: 5, Brizy: 3

Winner Oxygen

Page Builder Impressions for Oxygen and Brizy

Oxygen and Brizy both have some unique things about them.

So this will be the biggest switch up compared to what I stated up above. I can not deny that when you open Brizy, the experience is much better than Oxygen’s for someone with a limited background in web design. Oxygen feels more like something that needs training and less like you can just open it and run with it.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, Brizy has one of the best UI/UX’s on the market even better than other well-developed builders such as Divi or Elementor. Opening up Brizy is like a fresh breath of air and team behind Brizy really needs a pat on the back for the work done here. It’s lovely, everything just works, and it all takes up minimal space.

Oxygen is different from Brizy. When you first open it while it isn’t as pretty it guides you through what to do. However, you find that if you have zero web design knowledge, then Oxygen is likely to confuse you more than Brizy will and I believe there are several people who will need training.

The biggest downside to Oxygen is the lack of smooth UI/UX where Brizy really excels at this very part. Every button or piece of information in the builder feels good, and it makes Oxygen’s just feel clunky. Still this is not to say that Oxygen’s doesn’t work, it does. It just doesn’t give someone the same feeling and part of that is likely because you are looking at your website in a window.

Neither of these programs are terrible and both of them work but I Brizy just pulls this off so much better than Oxygen does.

Oxygen: 4, Brizy: 5

Winner Brizy

Support for Oxygen and Brizy

While I have put support tickets in for both builders and gotten back decent response rates, the Facebook groups will have you thinking different. Both have complaints of not having to someone responds for weeks at a time. I have yet to see this be a mass problem among all the other people but it is certain happens to some people more often than others.

Because this is such a subjective subject, but I have used the ticket system I made this category a draw. One thing is for certain they could both improve their ticket systems and we likely wouldn’t see as many people complaining on the forms.

Oxygen: 3, Brizy: 3


Pricing of Oxygen and Brizy

So here is where we get into the biggest battle out of all the rest of the battles on this list. People love lifetime pricing and both builders have had lifetime pricing at one point or another. There are many people that would argue that pricing is one of the more important elements of a page builder.

If page builders like Elementor had better pricing, then pricing would have to adjust to fit the market but both builders are great in pricing. Brizy still offers a lifetime option which appears to be for good although don’t hold me to this if you check and it’s not there. Meanwhile Oxygen still has a lifetime option but has tried a monthly pricing like Brizy is doing. To date, both still offer lifetime pricing and I would recommend both of them pricing wise.

You won’t find two better deals than these two builders. Brizy’s lifetime pricing is $299 and Oxygen’s lifetime pricing is $99 or $169 if you want Gutenberg and Woocommerce builders both lifetime license. This lifetime pricing was started by the giant Divi and while other builders such as Beaver Builder and Elementor haven’t used this model, it’s worked well for Elegant Themes.

I believe that one day all page builders will have to at least offer a lifetime pricing model. I have to say that Oxygen’s take on the model throws a monkey wrench into the plan. Not only is it $99 but for an extra $70 you get lifetime Woocommerce and Gutenberg add-ons. These are two areas that Brizy has lacked although both builders are including these in their packages.

One place that Oxygen fails is in the free department. Brizy’s freemium model works well because once you use the free builder you are likely to move on to the PRO model. I love how both builders have set up their product and I think they are both worthy of the price tag.

Each of them have minor drawbacks but I have to give them a tie. It doesn’t change the fact that when you compare them to things like Elementor or Beaver Builder that both are very competitive.

Oxygen: 5, Brizy: 5


Woocommerce for Oxygen and Brizy

Oxygen has Woocommerce down to a science.

Another big debated topic of page builders is the inclusion of Woocommerce into the builder. I know while I was watching both programs develop people shouted from the rooftops they wanted Woocommerce. Woocommerce is one of the best plugins for adding a shopping cart function to your WordPress website.

Oxygen just released 3.0 a while back we did a video on it and I have to say, their Woocommerce is impressive. They did not add a half-baked Woocommerce it works almost flawlessly. You add in something like ACF or Toolset and you have more power behind your websites.

Brizy has Woocommerce functionality but like the header builder, it just isn’t that great. Not when it compare it to Oxygen. Oxygen can add almost any Woocommerce element to a page and build it just like you would a regular page. Brizy does not yet have this level of detail and while once again this is on the road map, it’s not there yet.

I have to give the solid win to Oxygen with Brizy lagging. I believe when Brizy’s new update comes out it will probably give Oxygen a run for its money but for now, Oxygen wins here.

Oxygen: 5, Brizy: 3

Winner Oxygen

Speed of Oxygen and Brizy

Oxygen has a whole page explaining why Oxygen is faster.

It should come to no one’s surprise that Oxygen has made a name for itself by slamming other builders. They claim it to be the fastest builder out on the market for the detailed level of clean code it puts out.

When you first start using these programs, you would likely hardly see a difference from someone with limited coding knowledge. However, look deeper under the hood and you see some cracks. I know several people who have complained about Brizy’s code and how it needs to be revamped.

The problem is this trend of using div’s which Oxygen calls div’ception is the process of placing things inside of divs are inside divs which are inside of divs. Sometimes this coding is so deep with Divi that you can click over 17 divs on certain modules. Now the average person won’t ever notice this because you are less worried about what the code is and more worried about what it looks like.

Problem is people who are lifelong web designers know good code and when they see this, it bothers them. Now to be fair Brizy is not nearly as bad as Divi but Oxygen certain takes the win with some of the cleanest code we’ve ever seen. Brizy might one day fix this and then again it’s never been fixed by Elementor so we will have to wait and see.

Fact is, I have seen websites from both builders and both are fast on page speed test scores. If you want to learn how to test your page speed test read this article.

Oxygen: 5, Brizy: 4

Winner Oxygen

Documentation of Oxygen and Brizy

Documentation is the least sexy part of a page builder and yet it’s something that has to be done. People who struggle with learning new programs need solid documentation to learn that program. Both Oxygen and Brizy at this point and attempted to have both video and written.

I would argue that both builders could use fresh, updated content which is easier to find but mostly the documentation isn’t bad. Both of the builder use different people to do tutorials and all kinds of things that show off the builders strengths. Brizy even does some live training talking about new features which I really enjoy.

Oxygen is a little more reserved but a few third-party people have done some tutorials for Oxygen which I considered helpful. I think they could both use work but I would say it’s a very good effort for both of the page builders.

Oxygen: 4, Brizy: 4


Community for Oxygen and Brizy

Community is often one of the more overlooked things when someone is looking to buy a page builder. I would argue that community is just as important as anything else that someone should consider. If tutorials fail you, then community is the next thing in line to help you.

For community we look at Facebook for a gauge into the lifeblood of a program. The higher the total number of users the bigger the chance that more people are interested in the product. It goes a little further than that as some communities turn toxic. An example of this would be certain communities involving Divi which ban any talk of competition.

Brizy has 5,645 users as of today who are members of the Brizy Facebook group and Oxygen has 10,626 members which is double what Brizy has. If we compare the likes of each builder; Brizy has 1,551 likes and Oxygen is rocking 5,102 likes which is 3 times what Brizy has. Now all of this is fuzzy math because it does mean much to you can’t gauge how important members or likes are.

What I think these totals tell you is that that paint a picture of the number of people who have liked Oxygen is much higher than Brizy. While Brizy has half of the total users, it has about 3x less in likes and I think this boils down to half-baked features. There are so many incomplete features that hearing the phrase, don’t worry it’s coming is a common thing.

I don’t want to a bag on the community because Brizy has an ultra helpful community but when you compare the two, you won’t see much of a difference but there are some things that set them apart. Brizy has a team that contact people on Facebook to resolve issues. Oxygen has this too, but it seems not as frequent as Brizy’s team.

I’d love to give the winner to one or the other but I think I have to N/A, this category it’s just too subjective. Both of them have pluses and minuses, it’s up to you to decide who is the better community.


Library of Oxygen and Brizy

Brizy design kit is really useful.

A library is another place that people often forget about. The more things a builder has ready to go on the fly the faster you can deliver a product to your clients or for yourself. Both builders have decent libraries compared to other builders in the market but in this contest Brizy beats Oxygen.

Let me explain before you tie me to a post and burn me. This has been a long time pain point for me for the Oxygen Builders library. The system for finding sections is clunky a word we used up above but it fits here more so than anywhere else. Oxygen’s library is hard to navigate, and that’s a real problem.

When you first go look at Oxygen, you would think you could use something like a search similar to Brizy’s library. Oxygen does not have this yet, I wish they did but they don’t and it sucks. Trying to find a certain section or just organizing the sections it’s by designs sets rather than allowing you to search by things like headers, footers, etc and this is a problem. It takes much longer than it does with Brizy and is way more frustrating.

Brizy has tons of designs, sections and even complete websites which is nice. Not to mention once again Brizy has a better UI/UX than Oxygen which makes finding what you need buttery smooth. Sorry but in this battle Brizy blows past Oxygen by a mile, if there’s one place they could spend more time it’s the library.

Oxygen: 3, Brizy: 5

Winner Brizy



Updates & Features

First Impressions








Totals (Points)

Oxygen Builder






















So looking at the totals you can see that Oxygen pulled ahead with a 2 point lead. Now none of this means that either of these builders are bad, I pointed out some weak spots but both in my humble opinion do a decent job of building pages. Someone might think Oxygen is much more capable than Brizy and I can’t argue that. A week or a month from now that could change and this test would need to be updated.

Still, I think if you look at the overall picture of both builders; I think Oxygen has the advantage for now but they are both superb builders for the money you spend. I think Brizy is probably still better for someone who is a non-coder and Oxygen is better for someone who knows how to code.

You will need to decide for yourself. Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and if you pleased share this with people and let them know if you think I am right. If you think I am wrong, I’d love to hear in the comments what you think I got wrong. I will update this article, so if you have questions please post them below. 

If you want any more WordPress and page builder tutorials check out our website were we dive into the all of information.

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